Does Your Toilet Run Constantly?

It always seems to happen at the most inconvenient time. Like the middle of the night. You wake up to that annoying sound of a toilet running in your home. You don't want to get out of bed, so you lay there for 5 minutes thinking to yourself, "it always takes this long to stop". But that's not true. Finally you roll out of your warm comfortable bed and head to see if you can solve the problem and get back to sleep.

You go into the bathroom, flip on the light and jiggle the handle of your toilet a couple of times. After a short wait the water keeps running, so you take off the lid. Now you are on track to solving the problem. But what is causing this to happen?

Your toilet may continually run for several different reasons:

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  • ✓ The flapper is not sealing properly.
  • ✓ The chain that holds up the flapper is tangled and won't let it close all the way.
  • ✓ Water is not filling up to the water line in the tank, causing it to continually attempt to fill it.
  • ✓Your float ball has a leak and water is getting into it which does not allow it raise to the level it needs to shut of the water intake.
  • ✓ The incoming water pipe valve is not completely opened so not enough water is flowing into the tank, or it is not coming in fast enough to stop the tank from trying to fill.
  • ✓ On occasion the whole refill valve assembly will need to be replaced.

    Toilets are fairly simple machines but they are also essential and heavily burdened. To keep them running properly take the time to learn the different parts of a toilet and what each one does to facilitate the flushing process. You can find a great article about running toilets and simple fixes here: However, sometimes things can get complicated. The whole refill valve needs replaced or one of the necessary parts of the flushing mechanism is broken or a leak has formed in your tank and is causing damage to your floor and the rest of the bathroom. When you can't solve your constantly running toilet problem with the simple ideas mentioned above, then it is time to call a professional plumber.

    Home Angels professional plumbing service will come out to your house, day or night to take care of your running toilet or any other severe plumbing or restoration problem caused by it.

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