Toilet Repair & Install

Are you experiencing a problem with your toilet where it always seems to clog, lack flushing power, run, leak or if you are having another issue where your toilet needs to be repaired or replaced have the Home Angels plumbing team come solve your problem.

Toilet Clogs
A toilet not flushing is not only the start of a bad day it can also result in a very embarrassing feeling, especially as the water begins to hit the floor. If the toilet seems to constantly get clogged this is usually a result of something clogged in the trap of the toilet or in the main drain line that never allows the toilet to drain efficiently. This can also be an early sign of a potentially bigger problem with the main sewer drain line. Home Angels will gladly come out and inspect what issues may be going on with your toilet, before those issues come back up onto your floor.

Running toilets
If you hear water running in your toilet tank that seems to always constantly run, then it means that your toilet is leaking. The water is making its way past the overflow tube and possibly wasting up to 200 gallons of water per day. An easy problem to fix by changing out the overflow pipe or flush valve components. Even a leaking flapper can produce the same continuous sound coming from the toilet, which will over time lead to a lot of money wasted on monthly water bills. Call to schedule the Home Angels Plumbing Team so we can help mitigate the loss to your pocket on your next water bill.

How old and inefficient is your toilet?
If you are using a toilet that was manufactured before 1994, it is most likely on a yearly basis burning a hole in your pocket, and wasteful to the habitat. The World Toilet Organization says that the average person flushes the toilet six to eight times a day, that equates to 2,500 flushes per year, and that’s per person. Most of the older models of toilets use approximately 3.5 gallons per flush. This means an average household of 3 people use 26,250 gallons of water just flushing an older inefficient toilet model. Let's say if that same family were to install a new low-flow toilet which uses on average 1.6 gallons per flush, would now only consume 12,000 gallons of water per year. The water usage savings from just flushing would be more than 54% a year. Now imagine ten 3 person household families on a street, well you can do the math… Call Home Angels if you have questions on installing a new low-flow toilet in your home.

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