Plumbing Leak Repairs

Home Angels is a one stop solution for finding and fixing any plumbing leak. We have over 30+ years of experience in finding a plumbing solution to repair a hidden plumbing problem, while being as least invasive as possible. Elusive plumbing leaks can not only be destructive to your home, but can also result in thousands worth of damage.

Pitting and Corrosion of Copper Water Pipes
Pinhole leaks in copper lines or “pitting” is a problem due to corrosion of the copper. The interesting this is that not all copper lines are corrosive. A study was done by the EPA and found that some communities have corrosive water that leads to the copper putting, whereas other are corrosion free water. This coupled with builder defects would explain why certain communities all seem to have the same issues with their plumbing.

Polybutylene Plumbing Leaks
Often identified as grey piping, polybutylene was a common choice for plumbers in the 70’s through the early 90’s, mostly because of cost. The two big issues that eventually resulted in a major class action lawsuit was that is was very susceptible to rapid corrosion when chlorine or other chemicals would pass through it, and the metal crimp holding two pipes together would separate if not installed perfectly. When dealing with leaks from Polybutylene we would recommend to any homeowner to replace the piping entirely and not just repair a small section.

Leak Under Floor
If you hear running water but do not see any, this is evidence that you have a leak under your floor, also called a slab leak, or foundation leak. In Florida they run plumbing on a loop system, meaning that a water line will travel underground, come up through the floor, supply water to the plumbing fixtures, and then loop back down to feed other areas of the home. When you have a leak underneath the floor the first step is to determine approximately where it is. This is important because it can be more cost effective on the repair side if it turns out to be on a plumbing line running to a hose bibb, or in a garage. Once an approximate location is determined then there are two options:

  • 1. Pinpoint the Leak - This process involves a series of tests using an state of the art leak detection equipment, infrared cameras, pipe line location equipment, and pressurized air or helium to pinpoint an exact location in the floor. Home Angels would then have to cut through the foundation in order to make the repair.
  • 2. Loop Search - This is the most common chosen path of homeowners simply because it lets us determine how to stop the leak without tearing open the floors to make the repair. This process involves shutting down the water supply and opening up the plumbing lines inside the wall, through a process of elimination we are able to determine which one the break is on, thus allowing us to give a re-route solution.

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