Leak Detection

Routine Leak Detection Services Will Save You Thousands and Keep Your Home Safe.

When most people think about home disasters, the first thing that comes to mind is fires or floods. And usually nature is involved with causing the problem. But in reality, the simple truth is that the most common cause of home disasters is a simple water leak. It doesn’t sound scary. Hollywood doesn’t make catastrophic, dramatic films depicting burst pipes or leaking roofs as the villain. But sometimes the simplest of things can cause the greatest harm.

In fact, to think about home water leaks in a different way, consider this: a water leak created the Grand Canyon. A trickle of water leaking down from the rocky mountains over millions of years carved out one of the biggest holes on our planet. Now that should put the risk of water leaks in perspective when it comes to your home or property.

And now that we have discovered just how incredibly destructive a leak in your home can be, it would be wise to consider how likely it would be that a leak will happen in your lifetime. Homes are absolutely full of water. Water running through our walls, running through our faucets, and sitting in huge storage containers called hot water heaters. So what is the likelihood that a leak will occur in your home during your lifetime or residency? Astronomically high!

Now that all the home owners out there who are reading this article have developed a new phobia concerning the water surrounding them at all times in their lovely, comfortable homes are picturing that water just waiting for the smallest chance to turn their lives into complete misery, what can possibly be done to prevent this impending catastrophe?

LEAK DETECTION. Yes. It is just that simple. The one thing that every home owner should do on a regular basis is both simple and effective. Regular, preventative, leak detection. Everyone thinks about a plumber in the same respect as a triage doctor. They are there only for emergency purposes and their job is to stop the bleeding and sew up the wound. But in reality, a local plumber should be on every home owners regular maintenance list. A local, affordable and professional plumber can come in every 6 months and thoroughly inspect your home (the biggest investment of your life) to find trouble areas where leaks may be ready to occur. Or the local plumber may even find small leaks which already exist but the home owner has no idea about. By finding leaks or possible leaks and fixing them early the average home owner can save themselves thousands of dollars in home restoration and water damage repair. Not to mention saving the emotional distress of ruined walls, floors, furniture and household items.

Leak detection is a vital and inexpensive way to ensure that your home and property will be safe from the most regularly occurring home disaster, water leak damage. So find a local plumber and add him to the list, next to your lawn maintenance company and your family doctor and set up a routine check up for your home.

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