Garbage Disposal Plumbing Problems

A modern home is an amazing place. Around every corner, behind most doors, and under all cabinets hide incredible modern day conveniences. Most of which didn't exist fifty years ago. Now, though, most people just take the convenient and ingenious devices found in their home for granted. And the biggest problem with having so much problem solving hardware right in our homes is that they tend to get old and break. It's when this happens that homeowners truly understand how blessed they are to have such a marvelous life of convenience, while at the same time feeling cursed for having to maintain it.

A perfect example, to illustrate how easy it is to overlook the ease of modern households, is the garbage disposal. Basically it is just a simple grinder with small blades attached to the underside drain of a sink. But because of that device we can easily dispose of the worst bi-products of cooking.

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The garbage disposal is a mystery to most homeowners. It is there when you need to wash dishes and throw chunks of food waste down the drain without creating a clog. But what happens when it breaks? Can it be easily fixed or is it time to buy a brand new garbage disposal and replace the previous one? How much does it cost? Would it be cheaper for someone to come out and at least try to fix the old garbage disposal?

All of those questions are common to homeowners when their garbage disposal suddenly stops working. There is not much trouble shooting a homeowner can do when their garbage disposal breaks. They need to make a decision before it leads to a bigger plumbing problem. A broken or unused garbage disposal can lead to serious clogs in pipes and drains that will cause water to back up and even plumbing pipes to leak or not work at all. So it is vital to call a professional when you see the first signs of problems with your garbage disposal. A professional and licensed plumber can come to your house and assess the problem causing the failure in the garbage disposal. It may be a simple thing like a severe clog that needs to be addressed. Or it could be much more serious like a burnt out motor. Either way, every homeowner should feel better that they called a professional to find the root cause and saved themselves from potentially high cost future problems involving their plumbing.

If you think you have issues with your garbage disposal, or just want some help to find out if it is causing harm to your plumbing system, call Home Angels.

Home Angels professional plumbing service will come out to your house, day or night to take care of your broken garbage disposal or any other severe plumbing or restoration problem caused by it.

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