Find Under Floor Leak in 5 Steps

The following steps are to help you determine if you have a hidden plumbing leak under your flooring or in the ground outside your home. Some of the first indicators will be a sudden spike in your water bill, a very high water bill that has grown over the last several months, or it sounds like water running constantly inside your home.

  • 1. First you need to locate your water meter; it will usually be in the front of your house towards the city or community’s sidewalk or street.

  • 2. Open up the cover and see if any dial on your meter is spinning; making sure there is no plumbing running inside your home. Sometimes you may have to dig around to find the meter itself and open up a plastic cover to expose the dials.

  • 3. If the meter is spinning then you have an underground leak, so then locate the main shut off to your home, and either turn the lever so that it is perpendicular to the pipe coming out of the ground, or turn the round knob in the clockwise position until it stops spinning.

  • 4. Check your meter again, if it stops spinning then the plumbing leak is under your home, but if it keeps spinning, then the leak is in between your meter and the homes shut off valve.

  • 5. Call Home Angels to pinpoint the leak's location or figure out how the plumbing supply line can be re-routed to minimize destruction to the home. (844) 411-DRAIN

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